Game Over!

from by Dr. Robeatnik



I got 1up, 2up, 3up, 4up. Thought you had a chance but you're bout to get tore up. Save my shawty from the 8th world castle. All will declare me the grand master. Cuz Ganon and Bowser aint got nothing on me. Aint no other player got swagga like me. Win first place in my Mario Kart. First person shooter, girl, after dark. Only one thing makes me weak in the knees. Big hips. Big lips. Call her "Girl Of My Dreams". I was dropping my jaw when I saw that thong. Girl, your legs look strong. Let me drive you home. Girl, Gimme That Donkey Kong.
When I see them hips shake it's Game Over. Look at all these fine young ladies looking so hot. Tearing me up. Girl you know that I'm the champion. But honey when you dance up on me (Uh oh)
All the Obi Wans who forgot I was Yoda, someone should have let you know you're bout to get toasted. I'm a Jedi master. I can move faster. I can fix a situation without using a blaster. Whether you're a Zelda, whether you're a Peach, we can cruise the strip with some 40s by the beach. All around the world the girls trying to holla. Cuz I'm living like a star with the power to go farther. Take it to the next level. Dr. Robeatnik. Slam dunk double dribble. How you gone beat this? Only one thing makes me stop in my tracks is a big fine woman, son. She lookin stacked. WHAT?! Girl, Gimme That Donkey Kong.
They call me Mega Man. I always get that top prize. Gonna shoot some fire balls. I'm gonna cut you down to size. Shine Shine Hollywood and Vine. Sippin on some bubbly, Girl. You act like it's a crime.


from Pop Off, released May 20, 2012



all rights reserved


Dr. Robeatnik Charlotte, North Carolina

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