Pop Off

by Dr. Robeatnik

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Rough tracks for the Pop Off. May 25th at The Shaus!


released May 20, 2012



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Dr. Robeatnik Charlotte, North Carolina

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Track Name: One More Shot
Tonight's the night. We gone throw it down. See me and my boys are bout to own this town. Me and my crew roll in a damn fly ride. All the girls on the curb got there eye's buggin out, right?! hey little girl get your jaw off the floor. You ain't never seen anything like me before. Now I'm sliding in the club with my big ass shoes. Spit shiny they gleamin' "damn they look brand new!" Got a gold chain dazzling. You don't know what to do. Calm down little girl, I'm as impressed as you. Got some fine looking chickas shaking making me weak. First rounds on me, girl. DJ, Give me the beat! So many curves so little time. When I walk in the room the girls be battin' dey eyes! You can probibly already tell what's gone happen tonight. We're gonna shut this place down.
Robeatnik for life!
One more shot and I'm gonna hit the floor like crazy (baby!)
One more shot and I'm gonna lose all my inhibitions
I told myself I'd take it easy tonight, but the beat in this clubs got me feelin' so right. One more shot and I'm gonna hit the floor hit the floor (all night long!)
Party till daylight! Feelin' it just right. All the fine mamas wanna chill with me tonight. If you didn't know what I had before. I'm bout to let you know. We gone drop it down low. See me and my crew you know it's gonna get wild. We're all gettin' crunk but we still got style. Hey little girl, what's your poison? Apple Martinis or Rum with Coke in it? Maybe all you needs a little sex on the beach or maybe you'd prefer a stiffer drink like me? We can find a drink which we both agree. I admit the Marsh mellow vodka is tasty. Come on baby girl let me get cho numba. Show you what kind of super planet I'm froma. The Drs in the house and I'm ready to flow! I ain't never going home. Everybody LETS GO!
Get Down. We Gone Rip It Up. We Gone Shut This Place Down!
Track Name: Game Over!
I got 1up, 2up, 3up, 4up. Thought you had a chance but you're bout to get tore up. Save my shawty from the 8th world castle. All will declare me the grand master. Cuz Ganon and Bowser aint got nothing on me. Aint no other player got swagga like me. Win first place in my Mario Kart. First person shooter, girl, after dark. Only one thing makes me weak in the knees. Big hips. Big lips. Call her "Girl Of My Dreams". I was dropping my jaw when I saw that thong. Girl, your legs look strong. Let me drive you home. Girl, Gimme That Donkey Kong.
When I see them hips shake it's Game Over. Look at all these fine young ladies looking so hot. Tearing me up. Girl you know that I'm the champion. But honey when you dance up on me (Uh oh)
All the Obi Wans who forgot I was Yoda, someone should have let you know you're bout to get toasted. I'm a Jedi master. I can move faster. I can fix a situation without using a blaster. Whether you're a Zelda, whether you're a Peach, we can cruise the strip with some 40s by the beach. All around the world the girls trying to holla. Cuz I'm living like a star with the power to go farther. Take it to the next level. Dr. Robeatnik. Slam dunk double dribble. How you gone beat this? Only one thing makes me stop in my tracks is a big fine woman, son. She lookin stacked. WHAT?! Girl, Gimme That Donkey Kong.
They call me Mega Man. I always get that top prize. Gonna shoot some fire balls. I'm gonna cut you down to size. Shine Shine Hollywood and Vine. Sippin on some bubbly, Girl. You act like it's a crime.
Track Name: Through My Fingers
Heartache Heartache Heartache is what I'm feeling. It's like I'm barely breathing. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes but I promise that none of them compare to mine. Trouble Trouble Trouble is what I'm facing and I can't escape it. I'm too scared to admit the truth that I'll never get over you. It might not be a very good rhyme but kills me baby when I see you with another guy. I try to tell myself that it'll be alright but i know it wont.
Tonight you're sending chills down my spine when I see you. How could I let you slip right through my fingers? Sometimes I stop and think to myself what a fool I was. And how could I let you slip right through my fingers?
Calling Calling Calling but it keeps ringing. All I gets a machine. And how am I suppose set all these things right and get you back into my life? Now I'm Wishing Wishing Wishing I owned a DeLorean. Travel back to before this. Crank that thing up to 88. I wont make the same mistakes. It might not be a very good line but it killed me baby when I saw you walk by tonight. I try to tell myself that it'll be alright know it wont.
I'll be a lonely boy for the rest of my life. How could I let you slip away?